Watch for falling rocks.

Jun 14

Today is my 10 year high school reunion


I’m not going. There are several reasons why, none greater than I just didn’t care to. My least favorite reason, however, is because I really don’t have much going on.

In other news, collecting pictures of Prince George making a stank-face has become a pretty significant past time in my life.

I am, in a very real way, feeling exactly the same about my ten year

May 21

That moment on the bus when the old dude in front of you has a tall boy of Bud in his backpack…

May 18

And we’re back. In the car.

But at least we’re not in the tree anymore. 

So it’s been a minute, but whatever, Tumblr, you don’t know my life (although you might know my life a little bit). Anyway, I’m not a teacher anymore, and I’m finishing up my Master’s in Asian Studies back in Washington, DC. 

So since I have some free time, I figured why not go where all the GIFs live and re-discover Tumblr? That sounds like a legit use of my way-over-educated time. So we’re back! And I promise not to make this become another one of those international development rant blogs.

(PS I take the promise back. This will probably turn into a six-month-long rant)

Jun 15

quote This is the Republicans’ fault? Even if they fronted the patsy, y’all voted for him! They didn’t trick you! They didn’t enter a guy with a misleading name like ‘Grit Gravybiscuit’ or ‘NASCAR Johnson’ or ‘Robert E. Liebovwitz’ - it was [Alvin] Greene vs. [Vic] Rawl, and a hundred thousand Democrats walked into a polling place and said ‘I don’t know any of these guys. I guess I’m ill-informed, and I could easily not vote but fuck it, I like the color Greene more than I like the color Rawl!’

Did the Republicans spend a lot of money on ads for Alvin Greene? No. [Did] they spend any money on ads for Alvin Greene? No. Did they ask Alvin Greene to leave his father’s basement once during the campaign? No. This is a prank? No. This is the political equivalent of running yourself a warm bath, falling asleep next to it with your hand in the tub, wetting yourself, and then blaming the Republicans!!!

JON STEWART, ripping the Democratic Party for blaming Alvin Greene’s surprise Senate nomination on those sneaky Republicans!!!, on The Daily Show.

He’s fucking right.

(via inothernews)


Unless the allegations of voter fraud turn out to be true. In which case those weren’t necessarily 100000 human votes. So.

Jun 15






May 29

Guys sometimes I am too lazy for words

Like today. I want to do something! But I am absolutely not willing to send like two text messages to organize anything. I’m not even willing to change the damn channel from this shitty Matthew McConaughey movie!

They’re in a desert for some reason. 

Sometimes having friends is way too much work. I think I’ll just sit in my apartment and get so fat they have to knock out a wall of the building and use a crane to hoist me down. 

May 25

The Korean municipal political process, with its giant trucks blaring nursery-school themed political jingles and dancing “event girls” wearing banners in the crosswalks, is far more interesting than the American version.


Seriously. Dancing “event girls” in the crosswalks. It’s my walk to work every day. But don’t get too excited - these event girls are often 50-something ajummas! Which makes it even greater!

I took a video, but my camera ate it. I’ll have to take another.

I am compiling a foto series as we speak to show you all. It is seriously epic. The best part? IT ONLY LASTS TWO WEEKS (as opposed to infinity, like in America).

May 25

The situation on the Korean peninsula scares the fuck out of me.

(via inothernews)

Reblogged because I am sure friends and family are curious…

Reports of our demise have been greatly exaggerated. Look, honestly no one’s particularly worried about ANYONE seriously escalating a conflict that’s lain dormant for the last 60 years (through much more serious attacks on the South than this one). Consensus opinion is that Kim Jong Il is really only bolstering his image as a war hero with the people in Pyeongyang to ensure a peaceful transition of power when he dies. And even if you don’t buy that, escalation is a negative-sum game; everybody loses. Neither the South nor the North nor China, Japan, Russia, or the US are willing to risk an all-out war, the outcome of which would be unambiguously disastrous for all involved. The ball’s in South Korea’s court as we speak and they really have nothing to gain by retaliating in any other format besides UN condemnation and sanctions, and it seems like Lee Myeong Bak is okay with this - after all, he did wait quite some time to officially blame the North, even after the multinational investigating committee was sufficiently convinced.

It’s important to remember that this is still a peninsula at war, and has been for 60 years; acts of war are still going to happen from time to time. So yes, I might wince every time a jet flies overhead from Osan AFB, but if none of the USAF guys I’ve talked to are concerned about this, then I’m not going to be either.

So ultimately Kim Jong Il gets his power play to maintain face at home, President Lee has an actual wedge issue to distract the South Korean public from rampant corruption in his administration right before elections, and the media has a good story they can over expose for the next few cycles. Everybody wins.

Except for the families and friends of the 42 men who were killed on the Cheonan, for whom nothing will be the same.

May 24

Fourth graders learning to tell time

My 4th graders are currently on the “What time is it?” unit of our textbook, and…well…Look. They have these videos of dialogues they watch for every unit and usually it’s something to behold. But these…these videos are amazing. They’re just so…urgent in their need to know the time!

For example:

Boy (whispering as though in a commando sting op): What time is it???

Mom (in an inappropriately normal tone of voice: It’s nine!


This is what I’m teaching children about time. You’re welcome, universe.

May 23


The more I study about ocean animals, the more I am convinced that sea monsters are indeed real. We have just tried to science out the monster part. And that is our loss.